Industrial Grade Solar Pool Heater DIY Kit - Specialized Strapless Mounting & Freeze Resistant Solar Panels (5-4'x10.5' / 210 Square Feet)



Brand: SolarPoolSupply


  • TOP-OF-THE-LINE MANUFACTURING: The unique square header shape maximizes flow and increases efficiency. Headers and risers are formed together through a patented manufacturing process creating one solid piece eliminating seams and welds that can crack with age and stress. This produces the strongest possible connection and ensures a low maintenance system.
  • LEADING ATTACHMENT METHOD: Features an innovative clamping system with a proven record of being the best industry method for connecting panels together and to PVC plumbing. Allows panels to be mounted closer together for a more efficient and more attractive system. Eliminates rubber hoses and metal clamps that require regular rooftop maintenance and replacement.
  • SPECIALIZED STRAPLESS MOUNTING: Superior mounting method allows for strapless flush mounting to any roof type while also minimizing roof penetrations. Each panel is secured at both the top and bottom manifold via a rail system. This design allows for enhanced mounting security in high wind climates and adds a greater flexibility of mourning locations on each manifold.
  • ROOF FRIENDLY DESIGN: Mounting pad & rail system minimizes roof connections – making it one of the most roof-friendly systems available! SwimJoy’s separated tube design allows the roof to breathe, preventing moisture buildup and virtually eliminates wind loads. SwimJoy solar panels are designed to withstand strong storm winds.
  • PREMIER PURCHASE PROTECTION: SwimJoy solar pool heater panels are protected by an industry leading 12-year limited warranty that includes a bonus lifetime limited warranty and freeze protection; the longest – most comprehensive warranty coverage in the industry.

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Details: The most efficient, maintenance-free collector on the market today! SwimJoy systems are extremely energy efficient, provide year-round pool heating in warm climates, and extend the swim season in colder climates. Thanks to the reliability, efficiency, and durability of its state-of-the-art system, you can entertain, exercise, and create great memories… worry free. SwimJoy panels “float” above the roof allowing it to breath and stay clean and dry. Strapless flush mounting minimizes roof penetrations and allows for expansion and contraction. Specially designed panel clamps eliminate rubber hoses and metal clamps that require regular rooftop maintenance and replacement (also allows panels to be mounted closer together for a more visually appealing, efficient system). Mounting sleds and mounting pads prevent panel distortion and riser tube abrasion over time due to thermal expansion while adding strength to the unit. Each individual tube opens directly into the header, increasing flow and eliminating back-pressure (eliminates wear and tear on pool pumps). Low head-loss riser tubes eliminate high head pressures, maximize efficiency, and protect against clogging. Individual riser tubes allow the panel to withstand strong storm winds without the need of installing tie down straps. Certifications: NSF-50; ISO 9001; ISO 14001; SRCC OG-100 Included in Purchase: (5) 4′ x 10.5′ Premium SwimJoy Solar Collectors (5) Panel Kits: Parts necessary to mount each solar collector and make water connections from one collector to another. (1) Row Kit: Parts necessary to complete water connections from a row of solar collectors to the system’s feed and return line. Return Disclaimer: All discretionary returns will incur a 20% restocking fee. Please verify you have selected the correct size before processing your order.

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