Original Solar Pool Ionizer | 85% Less Chlorine | Lifetime Replacement Program | Kill Algae in Pool | High Efficiency | Keeps Pool Cleaner and Clear | Clarifier | Free Buddy Band | Up to 35,000 Gal



Brand: No More Green Technologies

Color: Blue


  • Solar panel is under thick covering allowing our product to last years longer than our competitors. Beware of cheaply built alternatives. Lifetime Replacement Program – see description for details.
  • Our Solar-Powered Cleaner will prevent algae and reduce the amount of chlorine and chemicals up to 85%. No other chemical product is necessary or recommended. Our ionizers work perfectly fine with small amounts of Chlorine and, consistently, the pH becomes very stable.
  • The power of the sun works with an underwater ion-disbursing anode to release copper ions that are very effective at killing algae and keeping your pool clean and pure. Solution to the chlorine shortage
  • Covers up to 35,000 gallon pools. Will not harm the finish of your pool or vinyl liner. Works on chlorine or salt pools
  • Includes a free Buddy Band to protect your Ionizer and pool from unwanted dings, scratches and other damage. Includes a one-time offer at checkout for 50% off of our highly rated ionizer cleaner kit. Product does not contain batteries.

Package Dimensions: 166x241x1139

Details: Original Solar Powered Pool Ionizer. Requires less Chlorine in your pool and Prevents and Kills Algae. We have an industry leading lifetime replacement program – see below for details. Other products offer an extended warranty, but charge extra for it.
This automatic pool cleaner uses solar technology to produce electrical current, needed to ionize copper electrodes. The copper ions help govern the growth of algae and other microorganisms. The unit floats in the pool and produces copper ions, while being exposed to sunlight. Within about a week, the product efficiently regulates copper ion level for pool water.
This product makes maintenance incredibly easy, cutting back on time, energy, and money. It is important to note that your pool will still need chlorine and chemicals, but the amount needed is much less than without use of this pool cleaner for in ground and above ground pools. The copper electrode will last for approximately two years.
Depending on the size of pool, you will save anywhere from 250.00 – 750.00 per year in chemicals.
Visit us online (details on package) for detailed instructions. With our lifetime replacement warranty, if your unit is ever broken or stops working, we will replace it for free for the first year and only 50% of sales price after that. Be sure to register the product online within 30 days and you’ll automatically receive a 50% discount for copper anode replacement kit.
Outstanding 24/7 Customer Service
Follow the instructions on the package to contact us or simply text 247SUPPORT to 5203170317.
If you have a larger pool over 35K gallons, you can buy our newest model CopperFlo Solar Pool Ionizer by searching by ASIN: B07V9P7XRN. It is a high capacity Solar Pool Ionizer and also comes with the same lifetime replacement program

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