Pool Chlorine Floater with Solar Flame Light, Chlorine Dispenser for Pool, Spa Chemical Dispenser Large Capacity Floating Pool Chlorinator of 4x3” Chlorine Tablets Easy Opening,Chlorine Bromine Holder



Brand: LanBlu

Color: White Flame


  • 【Easy to Use of Chlorine Floater 】Easy Rotating ring allows you to add chlorine tablets without opening its top or bottom. It stayed upright and doesn’t flip over or sinks to the bottom of the pool like some other pool chlorine float for swimming pool. You can load up to 4 chlorine tablets (3”) into chlorine dispenser . And very creative ideas, not only can be used as a tool for loading chlorine tablets/ bromine tablets, but also can be used as solar pool light to decorate your pool or hot tub.
  • 【Strong and Durable】The chlorine tablet holder is made of ABS plastic, so the chlorine floater is very strong and durable. And It can avoid rupture and fade caused by high temperature sunlight. Our chlorine tablet floater with solar flame light has unique design, this one is super cool and adds a great vibe to your pool. Because this little guy chlorinates your pool while gives a warm light at the same time.
  • 【Extra-large Capacity & Multi-scene Use】You can use the chlorine dispenser with lights in an hot tub/outdoor fountain/ pond/pool or place the the chlorine floater in a place that doesn’t always get water cycled through, it works nicely. The large capacity design ensures that you don’t need to add chlorine tablets frequently, saving you more time and energy. And you can folds into itself for space savings when not in use. Or use it as a lighting decoration in winter. Highly recommend!
  • 【Solar powered Pool Chlorine Float】Once you put our chlorine dispenser in the pool,the sun works and activate it into a solar chlorine floater. So at night as it’s floating around your pool it is light up. It’s very relaxing to sit by the pool and just watch the floating pool light float around with warm light. You will find that it’s a fun and functional item in your pool and your family members will love it and it is absolutely stunning at night.
  • 【Perfect Choice-Pool Chlorine Dispenser】The pool chlorine floater is used for keeping your pool, water park or spa, hot tub sanitary standard, providing a safer and more enjoyable pool experience. Suitable for all types of swimming pools and hot tubs, including inflatables pools and inflatables hot tubs. Want to have a sanitary hot tub or pool and relax without worries? Try this chlorine floater. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor and perfect for swimming pools, hot tubs, spas and more.

Package Dimensions: 162x242x449

UPC: 752811363071