Solar Pool Ionizer with LED ON/Off Indicator| 14.0 Volts | 3.5X More ionization Than 7.0 Volt Units | Self Cleaning Anode | No Wing Screw Needed | Heavy Duty



Product details

Light Type LED
Wattage 6.5 watts
Brand Hilltop Solar
Light Source Wattage 2 Watts
Control Method Remote
  • PERFORMANCE OF 3.5 UNITS: 14.0 VOLTS- 6.5 WATTS: Every Daytona model unit is equal to 3.5 of 7.0V units (98% of Solar ionizers sold on Amazon), and 45% more ionization power than Floatron unit. Solar Ionizer effectiveness dependent on solar panel voltage and current. Higher the voltage greater the ionization Higher the wattage greater the savings. Each unit effective 500 to 40,000 gallons.
  • NO MORE GUESSING : Unit LED shows if unit is ON and working, low chlorine level, maintenance needed etc. Replacement parts available at Hilltop Solar website
  • MAINTENENACE FREE with SELF CLEANING ANODE – Maintenance free self-cleaning anode reduces unit maintenance by 90% and extends anode life 98% over competitors’ products. Unique wing-screw less design enables anode to be used up to 95%, saves money on anode replacements and eliminates basket detaching from unit.
  • HEAVY DUTY QUALITY – Heavy duty construction with reinforced mechanical solar panel locks provide strong adhesion to prevent solar panel detachment. Units internal components sealed in water tight compartments for durability and moisture internally does not affect units performance.
  • SAVES MONEY & TIME : Hilltop solar ionizers are engineered in U.S. to maximize ionization, minimize chlorine usage, clarify water, reduce water hardness and reduces phosphates. Hilltop Solar ionizers save time, money and effort with pool maintenance by transforming your pool to use solar energy.