UPINYE Heavy Duty Swimming Pool Solar Reel Protective Cover - Outdoor Waterproof Solar Blanket Cover - Complete with Floating Drink Holder




Color: Black


  • Made from heavy duty, lightweight premium 420 D material to resist tearing while protecting your pool from weather and debris.
  • Boasts a larger size with a compatibility with pool reels of up to 18 feet in length.
  • Our solar reel cover blanket is easy to put on and take off and stores easily in its own bag.
  • Offers extra velcro hook and loop attachments which are waterproof and fade resistant
  • Comes complete with a floating flamingo drink holder to ensure an enjoyable pool experience.

Package Dimensions: 105x326x812

Details: UPINYE solar reel cover  Heavy duty composition Crafted from premium quality 420 D material, providing a heavy duty, strong, yet lightweight cover for your pool. The high quality woven polyethylene offers you tear resistant cover from various weather conditions, from rain to snow, as well as damaging UV rays, dust and unwanted dirt and debris.  Larger size Our solar reel cover boasts a larger size, measuring 40 inches and allows for compatibility with swimming pool reels of up to 18 feet in length. Easy on and off The solar blanket reel cover is designed with quick toggle closure at both ends, simplifying the task of putting on and taking off the cover from the swimming pool. The reel cover is quick and easy to roll or fold and fits into its own bag for easy storage.  Added attachments Mindfully designed with additional velcro attachments. The reel cover offers 11 of these attachments, less than 1 foot apart from each other. These velcro attachments are waterproof, fade-resistant and able to withstand both high and low water temperatures.  Floating drinks To help you enjoy a whimsical, fun-filled time in your swimming pool, you will also receive a floating flamingo drink holder. This drink holder allows you to keep your drinks close by while relaxing in your pool, without having to constantly climb in and out of the water to fetch some refreshments.  What’s Included? 1 x solar reel cover 1 x floating flamingo drink holder

UPC: 627987827545